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These Videos are playable on Blu-Ray players only. Note that shows marked "available in PAL Blu Ray" are playable only on European Blu-Ray Players or other specialty brand players. Some Sony Blu-Ray players may have trouble playing these discs properly, best to test with one first. Some shows require Dual Layer DVD-R's and some Blu-Ray BD-R's these are additional cost. These shows are indicated by "DL" & "BD-R" .

Use this form to search the our video database containing individual artists or groups. Search these artists using partial names instead of full names. For example, to find all tapes containing Led Zeppelin, type Zeppelin in to the artist field and click "Search". You can use the same idea to search by show (i.e. for The Tonight Show just enter "Tonight" in the show field.

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Tabor, June & The Oyster Band Cambridge Folk Festival (Dolby Digital 5ch, PAL) 2012 20 mins Ex D6596
Tabor, June & The Oyster Band Later With Jools + Cambridge Folk Festival (PCM 2ch) 2012 20 mins Ex D6938
Taj Mahal & Bassekou Kouyate Jazz a Vienne 2014 53 mins Ex D8498
Tallest Man On Earth World Cafe 2015 30 mins Ex D8636
Tams, John + English Folk Fiddle Ensemble (support act) Sidmouth Folk Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2023 105 mins Ex D12,212
Taylor, Ben Infinity Hall Live 2013 56 mins Ex D8947
Taylor, James Austin City Limits 2015 53 mins Ex D8911
Taylor, James Guitar Center Sessions (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 55 mins Ex D9168
Taylor, James iHeart Radio Icons 2015 69 mins Ex D8675
Taylor, James iHeartRadio Theatre, New York (Available on Blu Ray) 2020 57 mins Ex D10,591
Taylor, James Nice Jazz Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 1999 61 mins Ex D11,094
Taylor, James & Carole King Just Call Out My Name (CNN Documentary w live clips, available on Blu Ray) 2021 106 mins Ex D11,891
Taylor, Livingston Cedarburg Performing Arts Center (Available on Blu Ray) 2010 58 mins Ex D10,384
Taylor, Melvin Crossroads Night, Pan Piper Le, Paris (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 106 mins Ex D11,660
Taylor, Melvin & the Slack Band Rosa's Lounge (Available on Blu Ray) 2020 64 mins Ex D11,662
Taylor, Mick IIridium Jazz Club, New York City (AUD Cam, BD-R) 2012 70 mins Ex D6400
Taylor, Mick New Morning (Available on Blu Ray) 2009 67 mins Ex D11,849
Taylor, Mick New Morning, Paris 1995 72 mins Ex D8685
Taylor, Otis Jazz Sous Les Pommiers 2012 59 mins Ex D7552
Tedesch Trucks Band Greek Theatre, Berkley, CA (Available on Blu Ray) 2022 123 mins Ex D11,918
Tedeschi Trucks Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY (Night 1, 2-20-2018, Available on Blu Ray) 2018 149 mins Ex D9712
Tedeschi Trucks Infinity Hall Live 2015 57 mins Ex D8698
Tedeschi Trucks Mann Center, Philadelphia ***(Available on Blu Ray) 2022 134 mins Ex D11, 860
Tedeschi Trucks Red Rocks (July 30, 2017, available on Blu Ray) 2017 145 mins Ex D10,706
Tedeschi Trucks WXRT's Live from Studio X; Reggie's Music Joint, Chicago, Illinois 2015 54 mins Ex D8980
Tedeschi Trucks Band Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theatre 2015 107 mins Ex D8928
Tedeschi Trucks Band Beacon Theatre (10-4-2019, available on Blu Ray) 2019 162 mins Ex D10,675
Tedeschi Trucks Band Bonnaroo 2014, Great Stage Park, Manchester, TN (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 70 mins Ex D9414
Tedeschi Trucks Band Jazz á Vienne 2015 88 mins Ex D8605
Tedeschi Trucks Band Levitate Music and Arts Festival, Marshfield Fair Ground, Marshfield, Massachusetts (Webcast, available on Blu Ray) 2019 125 mins Ex D10,346
Tedeschi Trucks Band Lockin' Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 11 mins Ex D9897
Tedeschi Trucks Band Lockin' Festival: Main Stage, Infinity Downs Farm, Arrington, Virgina (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 156 mins Ex D10,414
Tedeschi Trucks Band Lockn' Festival, Arrington, VA (with Guests Chris Robinson, Bob Weir, Webcast, slightly blocky) 2013 94 mins Ex D7705
Tedeschi Trucks Band LOCKN' Festival,Oak Ridge Farm, Arrington, Virginia (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 100 mins Ex D9305
Tedeschi Trucks Band Orpheum Theatre, Madison Wisconsin (Yahoo Live Nation Webcast) 2015 131 mins (2 discs Ex D8561
Tedeschi Trucks Band Red Rocks (7-30,2017, available on Blu Ray) 2017 145 mins Ex D10,705
Tedeschi Trucks Band Red Rocks (July 29, 2017, available on Blu Ray) 2017 142 mins Ex D10,705
Tedeschi Trucks Band Red Rocks Amphitheater (Full show now available on Blu Ray) 2012 127 mins Ex D6762
Tedeschi Trucks Band Sweetwater Festival, Atalanta (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 111 mins Ex D9785
Tedeschi Trucks Band WXRT FM Studios, Chicago (slight pixelation) + Jimmy Kimmel Live Special (Available on Bllu Ray) 2019 50 mins Ex D10,293
Tedeschi Trucks Band Zac Brown Band's Southern Ground Music and Food Festival; MUSC Health Stadium, Charleston, SC (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 59 mins Ex D9141
Tedeschi, Susan Birthday Show (A collection of performances form her solo and with TTB, available on Blu Ray) 2020 335 mins 3 discs Ex D10,908
Tedsci Trucks Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY (Night 2, 2-21-2018, Available on Blu Ray) 2018 122 mins Ex D9713
Ten Years After Swing In (Digital rebroadcast) 1969 29 mins Ex D7681
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Texas Tornadoes Montreux Jazz Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 1991 105 mins Ex D11,951
Thackery, Jimmy, Trio New Morning (Available on Blu Ray) 1996 53 mins Ex D11,843
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down Austin City Limits 2014 27 mins Ex D8426
Tharpe, Sister Rosetta American Masters: Godmother of Rock & Roll 2013 52 mins Ex D7313
The Rides (Stephen Stills, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Barry Goldberg) Front & Center: Iridium Jazz Club 2014 54 mins Ex D8174
Them Crooked Vultures Austin City Limits (DL) 2010 55 mins Ex D4054
Third World Uprising Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 66 mins Ex D11,030
Thompson, Danny An Evening With (Available on Blu Ray) 2020 58 mins Ex D11,692
Thompson, Richard Compile #4: Ulster Hall (4-5-2020), Acoustic Guitar Sessions (9-43-2014), New Sounds In Studio (9-6-2018), WFUV (6-23-2015), NPR Tiny Desk Concert (2-1-2011), Tribute To Bert Jansch (2019), WFUV at The City Winery New York (9-5-2018) (Available on Blu Ray) 2011 - 20 79 mins Ex D10,649
Thompson, Richard Americana Fest, Nashville (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 41 mins Ex D9930
Thompson, Richard Facebook Concert #4: The EP release show (some slight pixelation on these home webcasts, available on Blu Ray 2020 43 mins Ex D10,757
Thompson, Richard Facebook Live #2 (Audio dropouts throughout, available on Blu Ray) 2020 78 mins Ex D10,648
Thompson, Richard Falcon Ridge Folk Festival; Goshen Fairgrounds, Goshen, CT (Available on Blu Ray) 2023 48 mins Ex D12,211
Thompson, Richard Folk On Foot 2 (Available on Blu Ray) 2020 24 mins Ex D10,698
Thompson, Richard Front & Center: Live at the Iridium Club (PBS) 2014 55 mins Ex D8485
Thompson, Richard Goldmark, Gallery, Uppingham, UK (Available on Blu Ray) 2010 38 mins Ex D9192
Thompson, Richard Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (Webcast, glitch free version) 2013 59 mins Ex D7768
Thompson, Richard Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (Webcast, glitch free version) 2013 59 mins Ex D7768
Thompson, Richard Holiday Show: Mandolin Studios, Indianapolis (available on Blu Ray) 2020 72 mins Ex D10,969
Thompson, Richard KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic 2013 32 mins Ex D8125
Thompson, Richard Later With Jools Compile (July 2, 1993 - Oct 16, 1993 - June 8, 1996 - Oct 30,1999 - Nov 9, 2007 - Sept 22, 2015 - Oct 24, 2017) (Available on Blu Ray, mix of HD & SD on disc) 1993 - 2017 56 mins Ex/Ex- D10,650
Thompson, Richard Live at the Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI (Available on Blu Ray) 1999 56 mins Ex D10,651
Thompson, Richard Live in London #3 (live in studio all request show, available on Blu Ray) 2020 89 mins Ex D10,822
Thompson, Richard Shrewsbury Folk Festival (full band show, Available on Blu Ray) 2018 98 mins Ex D9896
Thompson, Richard Shrewsbury Folk Festival (Webcast) 2015 89 mins Ex D8771
Thompson, Richard Words & Music a Q & A with Elvis Costello (Beeswing book launch tour, available on Blu Ray) 2021 80 mins Ex D11,324
Thompson, Richard World Café: Free at Noon Concert (Acoustic, Available on Blu Ray) 2018 49 mins Ex D9926
Thompson, Richard & friends Shrewsbury Folk Festival "Folk Slam" finale (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 26 mins Ex D9916
Thompson, Richard & Zara Phillips Live from London #1 (Webcast, available on Blu Ray) 2020 83 mins Ex D10,761
Thompson, Richard & Zarah Phillips Fallout Shelter (Available on Blu Ray( 2020 31 mins Ex D10,729
Thompson, Richard & Zarah Phillips Live From London #2 (Webcast, acoustic studio session, available in HD) 2020 93 mins Ex D10,784
Thompson, Richard with Dave Mattacks, Dave Pegg & Simon Nicol Fairport's Cropredy Connection 2019 (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 93 mins Ex D10,747
Thorogood, George Live at Sturgis Buffalo Chip 2012 67 mins Ex D6331
Thorogood, George On Canvas, Grand Opera House, Wilmington, Delaware 2011 28 mins Ex D6331
Thorogood, George Stagecoach Festival 2015 71 mins Ex D8601
Tikaram, Tanita La Salumeria della Musica Milano, Italy (AUD Cam, Available on Blu Ray, some songs incomplete) 2012 38 mins Ex D6313
Tikaram, Tanita Montreux Jazz Festival (PAL, DL) 2011 55 mins Ex D6536
Tikiram, Tanita Lockdown Sessions From Home (Available on Blu Ray) 2020 42 mins Ex D10,778
Tilston, Steve (Compile: Bath Folk Festival 2012, Narrowboat Sessions with Maggie Boyle 2014, Home Sessions 2019- 2020 (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 - 20 90 mins Ex D11,684
Toad the Wet Sprocket Infinity Hall Live (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 55 mins Ex D9050
Toots & the Maytals Rudolstadt Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 89 mins Ex D9586
Toots & the Maytals The Hamilton, Washington, D.C. (AUD Cam, steady, close, but slightly hot audio, BD-R) 2013 96 mins Ex D7431
Toots & the Maytals with taj mahal Lockin' Festival, Arlington, VA (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 76 mins Ex D10,768
Toto Baloise Sessions (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 69 mins Ex D9405
Toto Montreux Jazz Festival (Hold the Line from inferior source, available on Blu Ray) 1990 63 mins Ex/Ex- D11,093
Toussaint, Allen Austin City Limits (DL) 2010 54 mins Ex D4031
Toussaint, Allen Baloise Sessions (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 75 mins Ex D9261
Toussaint, Allen New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2012 57 mins Ex D6418
Toussaint, Allen Oakville Jazz Festival, Ontario (AUD Cam, Audio a bit distant, BD-R) 2012 103 mins Ex D7252
Tower of Power Estival Jazz, Lugano, Switzerland 2010 96 mins Ex D5638
Townshend, Pete Later with Jools + Prince's Trust Rock Gala (PAL) 2011 30 mins Ex D6003
Tragically Hip Rogers K-Rock Centre, Kingston, ON, Canada (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 156 mins (BD-R) Ex D9285
Tritt, Travis Soundstage 2002 43 mins Ex D7562
Triumph Rock & Roll Machine (Documentary, available in HD) 2022 97 mins Ex D11,907
Trombone Shorty Montreux (PAL) 2011 46 mins Ex D6072
Trombone Shorty Austin City Limits 2010 28 mins Ex D4869
Trombone Shorty Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 54 mins Ex D10,693
Trombone Shorty Baloise Sessions <>(Available on Blu Ray) 2015 73 mins Ex D10,697
Trombone Shorty Coachella Festival 2014 51 mins Ex D8167
Trombone Shorty Jazz Baltica: Konzertscheune, Kulturzentrum Salzau, Bad Salzau, Germany (PAL, BD-R) 2011 104 mins Ex D6521
Trombone Shorty Live at Red Rocks (AXS-Tv) 2013 66 mins Ex D7470
Trout, Walter Burghausen International Jazz Week (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 58 mins Ex D11,851
Tucker, Tanya Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2024 27 mins Ex 12,302
Tucker, Tanya Austin City Limits (Rebroadcast, available in HD) 1986 30 mins Ex D12,267
Tucker, Tanya Delta Dawn 50th Anniversary: Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN with guests, T. Graham Brown, Brenda Lee, Jessi Colter, LeAnn Rimes, Jeannie Seely, Layla LaCosta Laseter (Tanya's daughter), Leigh Nash, Jason D. Williams, David Lee Jones, Ty Herndon, Paul Overstreet *** (available on Blu Ray) 2022 128 mins Ex D11,722
Tune-Yards Austin City Limits 2013 25 mins Ex D7293
Tunstall, K.T. Austin City Limits 2006 24 mins Ex D5371
Tunstall, K.T. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Golden Gate Park, San Fransisco (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 45 mins Ex D9370
Tunstall, K.T. Soundstage 2006 45 mins Ex D5396
Tunstall. K.T. KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic 2013 59 mins Ex D7604
Turnpike Troubadours Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 30 mins Ex D12,262
Tweedy Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2014 (Webcast) 2014 69 mins Ex D8368
Tweedy, Jeff Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2018 (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 73 mins Ex D9946
Tweedy, Jeff The Hideout, Chigago, Illinois (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 32 mins Ex D9986
Twisted Sister Bloodstock Open Air: Catton Hall Park, Walton upon Trent, UK (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 101 mins Ex D9286
Twitty, Conway & Loretta Lynn Norway (Available on Blu Ray) 1970 30 mins Ex D9971
Tyler, Steven Front & Center (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 55 mins Ex D9068