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D & W Music Videos

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These Videos are playable on Blu-Ray players only. Note that shows marked "available in PAL Blu Ray" are playable only on European Blu-Ray Players or other specialty brand players. Some Sony Blu-Ray players may have trouble playing these discs properly, best to test with one first. Some shows require Dual Layer DVD-R's and some Blu-Ray BD-R's these are additional cost. These shows are indicated by "DL" & "BD-R" .

Use this form to search the our video database containing individual artists or groups. Search these artists using partial names instead of full names. For example, to find all tapes containing Led Zeppelin, type Zeppelin in to the artist field and click "Search". You can use the same idea to search by show (i.e. for The Tonight Show just enter "Tonight" in the show field.

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Artist Show Year Length Quality Disc Artwork Add to Cart
Lady Ga-Ga Muppet Holiday Spectacular 2013 58 mins Ex D7961
Lady Gaga At the BBC (Available on Blu Ray) 2009 - 2011 59 mins Ex D11,682
Lambert, Miranda Austin City Limits 2011 25 mins Ex D6144
Lambert, Miranda Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 53 mins Ex D9654
Lambert, Miranda Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2021 27 mins Ex D11,630
Lambert, Miranda CMT Invitation Only 2009 43 mins Ex D5359
Lambert, Miranda Front & Center (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 57 mins Ex D9714
LaMontagne, Ray Artists Den 2011 55 mins Ex D5335
LaMontange, Ray Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston, Massachusetts (Yahoo Live Nation, Available on Blu Ray) 2016 184 mins (2 discs Ex D9207
Lampedusa (Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, Budy Miller, Lucinda Williams) Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2017 (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 59 mins Ex D9647
Landreth, Sonny Crossroads Rockpalast (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 57 mins Ex D10,861
Landreth, Sonny Daryl's House Club (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 46 mins Ex D9796
Landreth, Sonny Daryl's House Club (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 46 mins Ex D9809
Landreth, Sonny Parlor Room Home Sessions + Paste Studios + KNKX Studio session (Available on Blu Ray) 2020 112 mins Ex D12,057
Landreth, Sonny Parlor Room Home Sessions (Available on Blu Ray) 2020 69 mins Ex D12,057
Lang, Jonny Rockpalast Crossroads Harmonie, Bonn, Germany 2013 89 mins Ex D7970
Lang, Jonny World Cafe Live (AUD Cam, Tripod) 2013 47 mins Ex D7731
Lang, K.D. BBC Four Sessions: LSO St Lukes (Available on Blu Ray) 2008 58 mins Ex D2274
Lang, K.D. Landmarks Live In Concert (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 81 mins Ex D10,014
Langford, Jon & His Sadies Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2012 (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 68 mins Ex D10,609
Lanois, Daniel KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic 2014 40 mins Ex D8495
Lanois, Daniel Robert Lang Studios (KEXP), Los Angeles College of Art (Interview & Performance) (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 - 16 123 mins Ex D9453
Lanois, Daniel Studio A, KCET Studios, Burbank (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 50 mins Ex D9047
Larkin Poe Covers Collection (Classic Rock & Blues covers, available on Blu Ray) 2015- 20 77 mins Ex D10,992
Lauper, Cindy Austin City Limits (Available in 2.0 stereo or 5.1 surround audio, Available on Blu Ray) 2016 54 mins Ex D9455
Lauper, Cyndi Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 55 mins Ex D9624
Lauper, Cyndi Soundstage (PAL, DL) 2004 54 mins Ex D6861
Lauper, Cyndi with Shaggy, Pat Monahan, Hooters, Ani Difranco, Scott Weiland Decades Rock Live: Atlantic City 2005 60 mins Ex D6128
Laurie, Hugh Down By the River: A Celebration of New Orleans Blues (documentary, PAL) 2011 46 mins Ex D5362
Laurie, Hugh Let Them Talk: A Celebration of New Orleans Blues (Live Performances) 2011 53 mins Ex D7176
Laurie, Hugh Montreux Jazz Festival 2012 50 mins Ex D7370
Lavette, Betty EFG London Jazz Festival Live at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 96 mins Ex D9786
LaVette, Betty Montclair Jazz festival, New York (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 58 mins Ex D10,800
LaVette, Bettye Austin City Limits 2008 33 mins Ex D2786
Lavette, Bettye Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 75 mins Ex D10,494
Lavette, Bettye Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (some glitches in first 3 mins, first song cuts off, 2nd part upgrade, Available on Blu Ray) 2013 44 mins Ex D7744
LaVette, Bettye Jazzwoche Berghausen, Germany (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 83 mins Ex D9461
Lavette, Bettye Paste Stuido, NY + Relix Magazine Studios (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 45 mins Ex D9783
Lavette, Bettye Rawa Blues Festival 2015 52 mins Ex D8907
Leadbelly Legend Of 2015 51 mins Ex D8920
Led Zeppelin Knebworth Park (Aug 4, 1979, 3 source matrix, best quality prints to date 1979 169 mins Ex D9771
Lee, Albert Leverkusener Jazztage (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 58 mins Ex D11,128
Lee, Albert Rockpalast (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 58 mins Ex D10,051
Lee, Amos Life Is Good Festival 2013 62 mins Ex D7693
Lee, Geddy Speakeasy (PBS Int) 2015 56 mins Ex D8530
Lee, Geddy The Big Interview with Dan Rather (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 52 mins Ex D10,285
Legend, John Austin City Limits (DL) 2010 55 mins Ex D4921
Lennon, John ABC 20/20: His Life, Legacy, Last Days (Available on Blu Ray) 2020 80 mins Ex D10,967
Lennon, John Discovering Lennon (Sky Arts Documentary) 2012 47 mins Ex D6913
Lennon, John John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky (Documentary of Imagine sessions footage, available on Blu Ray) 2019 93 mins Ex D10,273
Lennox, Annie BBC One Sessions: LSO St Lukes (PAL) 2009 60 mins Ex D3161
Lennox, Annie The Big Interview with Dan Rather (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 52 mins Ex D10,927
Lesh, Phil & Friends Brooklyn Bowl (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 160 mins A D9489
Lesh, Phil & Friends (with Warren Haynes & Carlos Santana) Lockin' Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 122 mins Ex D9061
Lesh, Phil & The Infamous Stringdusters, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Joe Russo, andres Osbourne, Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi Lockin' Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 92 mins Ex D9340
Lesh, Phil & the Terrapin Family with The Harlem Gospel Choir, Nicki Bluhm, Eric Krasno, Talib Kweli & Robert Randolph New York, NY 'The Apollo Theater' 'A Benefit For Voter Participation' (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 164 mins Ex D10,028
Levy, Barrington Cali Roots Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 67 mins Ex D11,018
Lewis, Jenny Austin City Limits 2014 26 mins Ex D8501
Lewis, Jenny Coachella Festival 2015 52 mins Ex D8573
Lewis, Jenny KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic 2014 59 mins Ex D8425
Lewis, Jenny Studio A Presents (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 29 mins Ex D10,775
Li, Lykke Austin City Limits 2012 28 mins Ex D7331
Light Of Day Foundation Benefit feat. Joe D'Urso, Jesse Malin, Guy Davis, Derek Cruz, Rob Dye, Martin Praetorius Melle, Germany 2013 90 mins Ex D7971
Lightfoot, Gordon If You Could Read My Mind (CBC Documentary, available on Blu Ray) 2019 87 mins Ex D10,539
Lil Ed & The Blues Imperials Backstage Pass: Lansing Old Town (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 56 mins Ex D10,158
Lindisfarne Shrewsbury Folk Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2021 75 mins Ex D11,925
Little Feat Celebrating Waiting For Columbus At The Ryman with Eric Church, Tommy Emmanuel, Jeff Hanna, John “JoJo” Hermann, Jamey Johnson, Marcus King, Bettye LaVette, Charlie Starr (Available on Blu Ray) 2022 92 mins Ex D11,340
Little Feat The Wiltern, Washington, D.C. (Available on Blu Ray, In House Cam HD Web Stream, Audio miced in room, BD-R) 2012 117 mins Ex D7010
Little Richard Howard Theatre, Washington, D.C. (Aud Cam, BD-R) 2012 80 mins Ex D6601
Little Steve & The Disciples Of Soul Brooklyn Bowl, New York (AUD Cam, steady, close, good sound, available on Blu Ray) 2017 149 mins 2 discs Ex D9824
Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany (AUD Cam, close, steady, excellent sound, available on Blu Ray BD-R) 2017 119 mins Ex D10,209
Little Willies Stagecoach Festival 2013 60 mins Ex D7841
Local Natives Austin City Limits 2013 25 mins Ex D8064
Loggins, Kenny Live From Daryl's House (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 50 mins Ex D9208
Logren, Nils City Winery, New York (AUD Cam, steady, Available on Blu Ray, BD-R) 2019 118 mins Ex D10,296
Lone Below Lincoln Center Out of Doors (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 40 mins Ex D9046
Lopez, Hector Jr Ryman (opening for Mavericks 12-4-2021, available on Blu Ray) 2021 38 mins Ex D11,654
Lord Huron House of Blues: Boston, Massachusetts (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 96 mins Ex D9989
Los Lobos 4 Peaks Music Festival: Cascade Mountain Stage, Stevenson Ranch, Bend, Oregon (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 101 mins Ex D10,404
Los Lobos Austin City Limits 2014 27 mins Ex D8426
Los Lobos Cinco de Mayo: Live from the Studio East L.A. *** (Available on Blu Ray) 2021 58 mins Ex D11,346
Los Lobos City Winery, New York (Acoustic & Electric sets, available on Blu Ray) 2018 110 mins Ex D10,009
Los Lobos Daryl's House Club (Frequent small jump in picturevailable on Blu Ray) 2017 75 mins Ex D9799
Los Lobos Estival Jazz, Lugano, Switzerland 2015 86 mins (2 discs) Ex D8734
Los Lobos Greek Theatre, Berkley Theatre, CA (Available on Blu Ray) 2022 64 mins Ex D11,917
Los Lobos Hardly strictly Bluegrass 2020 Special Let The Music Play On (Includes Q & a sessions, available on Blu Ray) 2020 71 mins Ex D10,962
Los Lobos Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2015 2015 56 mins Ex D8813
los Lobos Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival 2018 (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 59 mins Ex D9952
Los Lobos Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, San Fransisco (Webstream, glitch free version,) 2013 68 mins Ex D7741
Los Lobos Hardly Strictly Bluegrass special (Live performance and Q & A, available on Blu Ray) 2010 69 mins Ex D10,745
Los Lobos KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic (Webcast) 2012 57 mins Ex D8120
Los Lobos Melia Braco Village, Rio Bueno, Jamaica (Cesar not present, Available on Blu Ray) 2020 87 mins Ex D10,846
Los Lobos Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW Studios, Santa Monica, California (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 35 mins Ex D10,535
Los Lobos Red Rocks (Available on Blu Ray) 2022 60 mins Ex D11,930
Los Lobos Summer Camp Music Festival 2018 (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 59 mins Ex D11,522
Los Lobos Sweetwater Music Hall (Webcast, Available on Blu Ray) 2022 102 mins Ex D11,724
Los Lobos Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, California (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 85 mins Ex D10,223
Los Lobos Tarrytown, New York (Multi AUD Cam tripod shot, available on Blu Ray) 2018 87 mins Ex D10,203
Los Lobos Tiny Desk Concert 2010 + 2020, KCRW Morning Become Eclectic 2020, SC Sessions 2018 (Available on Blu Ray) 2010 - 20 101 mins Ex D10,843
Los Lobos Web Clips Vol. 3 (Various live clips w. guests Roween Heze, Eric Clapton, Experience Hendrix, Dave Alvin, Los Lonly Boys, Marc Ribot, Rick treviono, Robert Randolph, Dwayne Verhaden, Neko Case, Alejandro Escovedo, Mix of Pro and AMT clips) 2008 - 10 80 mins Ex D7871
Los Lobos with Damien Jurado & Ritchie Furray eTown Compile (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 - 17 97 mins Ex D11,541
Los Lonely Boys Daryl's House Club (available on Blu Ray) 2017 79 mins Ex D9816
Los Lonely Boys Infinity Hall Live (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 57 mins Ex D9055
Love, Darlene Te Kate (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 55 mins Ex D10,974
Love, Darlene The Kate (PBS, Available on Blu Ray) 2017 55 mins Ex D9650
Loveless, Patty Austin City Limits (Webcast rebroadcast, available in HD) 1989 30 mins Ex D11,903
Loverboy Alberta Flood Aid: McMahon Stadium 2013 26 mins Ex D7647
Lovett, Lyle Austin City Limits 2011 38 mins Ex D5355
Lovett, Lyle Home Livestream with Elvis Costello, with Jason Isbell, with Vince Gill + 2022 promos (available on Blu Ray) 2021 - 22 69 mins Ex D11,743
Lovett, Lyle Tiny Desk Concert + Bing Lounge (with guest John Hiatt, available on Blu Ray) 2013 117 mins Ex D10,087
Lovett, Lyle & Guy Clark, John Hiatt, Joe Ely Austin City Limits (DL) 2008 55 mins Ex D2850
Lovett, Lyle & His Large Band Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2022 53 mins Ex D11,965
Lovett, Lyle & John Hiatt KUT In Session (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 38 mins Ex D9213
Lowe, Nick Austin City Limits 2009 25 mins Ex D3083
Lowe, Nick Billboard Live, Tokyo (Upgrade, now available on Blu Ray) 2011 68 mins Ex D5869
Lowe, Nick Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 38 mins Ex D9200
Lowe, Nick Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (Upgrade glitch free version) 2013 48 mins Ex D7743
Lowe, Nick Live From Daryl's House 2012 20 mins Ex D6350
Lowe, Nick Phoenix concert Theatre, Toronto (AUD Cam, Steady, audio a bit distant, BD-R) 2012 84 mins Ex D7420
Lowe, Nick Speakeasy 2017 57 mins Ex D9707
Lowe, Nick & Los Straightjackets WFPK (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 10 mins Ex D12,335
Lowe, Nick & Los Straijackets Tarrytown, NY (AUD Cam, steady, close, available on Blu Ray) 2019 100 mins Ex D10,292
Lowe, Nick & Los Straitjackets First Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Webcast, available on Blu Ray) 2019 98 mins Ex D10,501
Lowe, Nick with Los Straitjackets Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2018 (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 64 mins Ex D9960
Lukather, Steve Moscow International House of Music (AUD Cam) 2013 58 mins Ex D7344
Lulu Daryl's House Club (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 71 mins Ex D987
Lumineers Austin City Limits 2013 28 mins Ex D7848
Lumineers Bonnaroo Festival 2014 70 mins Ex D7500
Lumineers iHeartRadio Theater, New York, USA (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 75 mins Ex D10,466
Lumineers Live at Red Rocks 2013 87 mins Ex D7689
Lumineers Lollapalooza, Grant Park, Chicago 2013 60 mins Ex D7613
Lumineers Red Bull Sound Space KROQ Los Angeles (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 33 mins Ex D9116
Lynn, Loretta American Masters (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 60 mins Ex D9093
Lynne, Jeff Glastonbury (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 69 mins Ex D9219
Lynne, Jeff Live at Hyde Park (BBC4) 2014 85 mins Ex D8307
Lynne, Jeff Mr Blue Sky: The story of Jeff Lynne & Electric Light Orchestra (BBC 4 Documentary, PAL) 2012 57 mins Ex D5711
Lynne, Jeff's ELO BBC Radio 2 In Concert; BBC Radio Theatre, Broadcasting House, London, England (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 58 mins Ex D10,520
Lynne, Shelby Infinity Hall Live (Available on Blu Ray) 2011 55 mins Ex D9745
Lynne, Shelby KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic 2015 40 mins Ex D8649
Lynne, Shelby KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic (Webcast) 2012 68 mins Ex D8133
Lynne, Shelby Suit Yourself (HDNet, DL) 2009 72 mins Ex D4517
Lynne, Shelby Variety Playhouse, Atalanta, Georgia (Yahoo Live Nation Webcast) 2015 109 mins Ex D8644
Lynott, Phil Songs For While I'm Away (Documentary, available in HD) 2020 112 mins Ex D12,028
Lynyrd Skynrd & Brantley Gilbert CMT Crossroads (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 40 mins Ex D10,578
Lynyrd Skynyrd Soundstage (DL) 2010 55 mins Ex D4094